About Us

Addressing the Dinosaur in the world of small business - Bookkeeping.

Almost a thousand years ago the Merchants of Venice developed a system of “Debitos” and “Creditos” called Accounting - it did require a lot of Bookkeepers.

There is a saying: - “Capital is the Tree (Balance Sheet) -  Income the Fruit of the Tree (Income Report)”. The “Debitos” and “Creditos” enabled the Capital and Income reports that started a World of Commerce.

Today, most businesses in the world are “One Woman/Man-Bands” – some 25 million in the U.S.  - these small businesses can accumulate thousands of records over the years for accounting and tax compliance.

So here at KIS BOOKS our dream was to develop a “Fully Automated 6 Year Platform” with a Cloud based “Virtual Bookkeeper” at an “Annual cost” being equal to “One hour” with a real accountant.

Also, to “Keep It Simple” we designed a “Natural Sign User Interface” – an Intuitive Platform where users can either talk to their own Virtual Bookkeeper or use a self-evident (WYSIWYG) environment.

By automating the “Debits” and “Credits” KIS BOOKS provides automated financial reports.

Eliminating one of the main reasons small businesses fail -  No Books No Business.

Small Business is highly focused on short term profitability for their cash flow yet some only see their profit once a year. KIS BOOKS displays your bottom line net profit after every transaction. KIS BOOKS has been 100% designed to provide small business operators with a low cost high tech solution.

It took a decade of incarnations to develop KIS BOOKS.

It is has been specifically designed for the very unique needs of small business and optimized for Smart Phone technology.

There are plenty of products around so we offer a 31 day Free Trial so you can experience KIS BOOKS.    

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