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If it moved we automated it
As well as presenting SAM your virtual bookkeeper, KIS BOOKS presents a completely automated platform where users just swipe, tap or press on values or labels.
KIS BOOKS introduces many new concepts like:
  • An interactive Report for data entry that really lets you see your business dealings
  • Automated accounting entries – Sam and KIS BOOKS automates the debits & credits in the background
  • “Drag & Drop” system to move expense values (why learn about journal entries when you can move your finger)
  • Net Profit calculation displayed after every entry for each month as well as YTD
  • Automated Sales Tax Prefills (with an interactive Sales Tax Editor if required)
  • Streamlined Quotation system from Client to Invoice customized for your cell
  • Access Six Financial Years with image libraries (receipts and other documents) with a tap of your finger
  • Automated Financial Year Rollovers - multiple years - no data purging
  • Auto Separation of your Business from your Private dealings
  • A Calendar Wheel for report selection periods (no need to type in dates)
  • A National Sales Tax Activity screen (cash or accrual) with six years access
  • Press on the image of Sam for her context sensitive Help
  • Drill Down capability everywhere with a tap
  • Automated Debtors and Creditors control customized for your cell
  • Email your Financial Reports, Invoices & Quotes from your cell
  • Create a “mini-ledger” by selecting your Favorite accounts
KIS BOOKS is a very powerful business tool that can really help your business ideas grow by giving you effortless financial control in the palm of your hand.

KIS BOOKS is all about Reports

If you see it – you can manage it
The REPORTS menu screen provides a full range of Financial Reports for six financial years including detailed State by State sales tax reports (cash or accrual) and an Infographic Quotation report for Premium members.
In this Reports screen Users select a report from a drop-down list and select date ranges by tapping on a unique monthly Calendar Wheel – no need to type in dates.


You won’t have to think about it (much)
Sales Tax is a relentless, complex and stressful process.
KIS BOOKS empowers our users with effortless Sales Tax administration.
How KIS BOOKS does this:
- KIS BOOKS back-office logic virtually automates “everything sales tax” including Payments/Credit Memos/Quotes/Bad Debts etc.
In most cases the user does not have to think about the sales tax process including all the adjustments mentioned above. It is all automated in KIS BOOKS.
Swipe through the Four Main Screens of KIS BOOKS to access the Sales Tax Activity screen.
The Sales Tax Activity screen reports all sales tax activity - State by State, in a simple to read Monthly or Quarterly format with full Drill Down capability. View Six Financial Years in either Cash or Accrual mode. Nothing fancy to learn - just tap the “Financial Year”, “Cash” or “Accrual” labels to customize this report. You can see and manage your sales tax simply by swiping to this screen.
Use the Reports menu screen to view, print or email detailed sales tax reports for your compliance and audit security on a State by State basis.


Fully Automated from Quote to Invoice
KIS BOOKS offers a fully automated “Quote Management” platform to Premium Members.
This platform automates the process of sending your Quotes and will notify your KIS BOOKS app in real time when your client responds.
KIS BOOKS can automatically create and send an Invoice (including any applicable Sales Tax) to your client for your accepted Quotes.
KIS BOOKS will then update your Business Ledger and Sales Tax reports. An Infographic Quotation report can also be viewed via the Reports menu to review your quotation history.

Membership Package Pricing

KIS BOOKS offers its Premium Business Package for Users to try for a month free, we want you to feel confident that KIS BOOKS is suitable for your business model.
The email address used for the free trial period will become the KIS BOOKS account User email address.
The following contiguous membership packages are available to become a paid subscriber:
Basic Business Monthly Pack

Business Package Monthly without quotes



Premium Business Monthly Pack

Business Package Monthly with quotes



Basic Business Yearly Pack

Business Package Yearly without quotes



Premium Business Yearly Pack

Business Package Yearly with quotes



Note: : (i) All data entered in the free trial period will be purged for your security if you as the authorized user decide not to continue as a paid subscriber at the end of the free trial period.
(ii) Any Quotes used during the free trial period will only be available to Premium Memberships after the free trial period.

Keep It Simple – KIS BOOKS

The mission of KIS BOOKS:-
To fully automate the relentless and mundane tasks of Accounting and Sales Tax for Small Business.
KIS BOOKS AI provides the Financial Body for the success of the Entrepreneurial Spirit.
Our philosophy is in our name: Keep It Simple - KIS BOOKS.

Complete Bookkeeping Solution

KIS Books is the best bookkeeping app that automates manual bookkeeping tasks. This great accounting software brings all of your bookkeeping and tax preparation into a single platform. KIS Books uses AI technology to organize your documentation and ensure easy collaboration between your colleagues. This accounting platform offers the benefit of cost savings and scalability with automation instead of manual data entry. KIS Books is the popular small business accounting software because it eliminates the need of hiring dedicated accounting staff. This AI Bookkeeping Software works on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows desktop devices. KIS Books is the best bookkeeping app for iPhone, as well as the best bookkeeping app for Android users.

The traditional method of manual bookkeeping is tedious and prone to human error. But with this automated bookkeeping app, you get a more accurate, more affordable, and highly scalable solution to automate data entry accurately, 24/7. The AI technology offers unlimited reports, dashboards, and charts in less time, without any error. KIS Books is the most easy-to-use accounting software that allows you to control your finances. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert at accounting/bookkeeping. With no complex accounting terms, KIS Books allow you to maintain your accounting books with ease. Our Virtual Bookkeeper “SAM” will enter your Data, send your Invoices, and prepare your Financial Reports.

This small business bookkeeping app is suitable for traders, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other businesses. With this app, you can easily track your unpaid and overdue invoices, as well as send receipts to customers/vendors. This small business bookkeeping software allows businesses to track their expenses, as well as provides an in-depth analysis of their business through comprehensive financial reports.

Stress-Free Accounting

KIS Books is the best platform to manage your finances. This accounting app can be used by nearly every type of business. KIS accounting software suits the accounting needs of businesses of all sizes, from self-employed individuals with basic accounting needs to small enterprises. The app’s dashboard organizes your income, expenses, payments, and invoices in an easy to understand way. Moreover, this app is not only easy to use but also 100% secure. With KIS Books, your business data is completely safe. This automated accounting platform has a responsive design that works seamlessly on all devices. KIS Books also generate timely and accurate financial reports that lead to meaningful business decisions. It safely stored all your documents so that you can access them whenever you need them from any device.

Our AI bookkeeping app will give you an overview of your account activity and key metrics such as cash flow, profit and loss, account balances, expenses, accounts payable and receivable, and sales. Users will also get access to comprehensive financial reports that will help you easily interpret your financial data to make informed business decisions. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, KIS Books create automated bookkeeping journal entries. You will get automated bookkeeping entries instantly each time a document is added. This AI bookkeeping software also allows users to take screenshots and prints to share invoices with their customers.